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During our Space topic we looked at rockets and what made them move.  We watched a balloon rocket fly across our classroom!

Then in small groups, we designed our own rockets to launch in the afternoon.

We had a dramatic countdown 5-4-3-2-1…


World Book Day

We had great fun on World Book Day.  We started with a whole school assembly.  Isla won best costume in Butterflies,  dressed as Angelina Ballerina!

We read Alien Loves Underpants and made alien rice crispie cakes in the DT room.


We are learning about space this week. We started our week by listening to stories, making a space station and building number rockets.
We have had a visit today from Astronaut Abs and Pilot Alex from the History Tellers to help us to learn all about space today.


Volcano Experiment!

The children were very excited to create a volcano!



Dinosaur Day!

Dinosaur Day has been a great start to our dinosaur topic. We have learnt about many different dinosaurs and we are excited to find out lots more over the next two weeks.

Chinese New Year!

After learning about the story of Chinese New Year and that it is the year of the rooster , the children were interested to find out which animal  they were. Some are rabbits and some are dragons. Can you remember which animal you are?

We have had lots of fun this week. Activities have included writing menus for the Chinese restaurant, tasting Chinese food, making lanterns and taking part in a fantastic dance workshop today.

Snow fun!

Today we have had lots of fun with the snow!

Ice Experiment!

The children have been very excited about their experiment. They wanted to find out if the pots they filled with water and natural objects would turn into ice if they left them outside over night.  When we looked this morning we had ice! The children continued to observe the pots throughout the day and they wanted to leave them outside over the weekend. They are very keen to see what happens on Monday!


Christmas Activities!

Butterflies have been learning about the Christmas Story as they rehearsed for their play. They have enjoyed many different activities throughout the week.


We have read The Snowman story this week. The children have been busy retelling the story, painting Snowman pictures and thinking about what their Snowman would do if it came to life!

The children have enjoyed exploring the frost this week.  They have also been busy playing a polar bear target game where they had to record their scores on the chalkboard.

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