During our Superhero topic, we have been looking at real life heroes.  This week we had a visit from the police.  First they spoke to all the children about the 5 steps to crossing the road safely.  Can your child remember them?

  1. HOLD your grown up’s hand.
  2. STOP at the roadside
  3.  LOOK left and right.
  4.  LISTEN
  5.  WALK across the road looking both ways.

We did hand printing in traffic light colours to remember to hold a grown up’s hand.

P.C. Brad and P.C. Lucas spoke at the Butterflies about being a police officer.  Their job is to keep people safe.  They showed the children all the special equipment they carry on their jackets including a torch, a camera, handcuffs and a truncheon!


We also had a look at the police van outside.  The policemen turned on the blue flashing lights and the really noisy siren!

Then we had a look inside.



The rain didn’t dampen our fun – we had a great afternoon.