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A visit from Blaze

Sadie and her mum brought in their giant land snail Blaze into Butterflies Class during our minibeasts topic.  We found out what he likes to eat and how she looks after him.  Sadie very kindly let all her friends hold him.  Can you remember how he felt?


Releasing the butterflies

During our lifecycle topic we watched caterpillars change into butterflies.  Then we release them on a lovely sunny day in the playground.  It was lovely to see them flutter away – some of them even landed on the children!




During our minibeast topic we had a visit from Bugtopia.  The ranger brought in lots of different creatures for us to hold including a stick insect, a giant millipede and a cockroach.  We even got to stroke a tarantula!  How brave are we?


Chicks, beans and caterpillars!

Butterflies have been busy learning about lifecycles!

We are waiting for our caterpillars to turn into beautiful butterflies and we have planted beans which we are looking after in the classroom. Who’s bean will be the tallest?

We have found out about the life cycle of a chicken and we currently have some very cute chicks in our classroom.

Butterflies class have created some excellent life cycle books and posters during these last two weeks.




Meet Terry the Tortoise

Brianna brought her pet tortoise into Butterflies class today. There was much excitement from the children!

We planted an apple tree!

Butterflies finally planted an apple tree which was donated by the local Morrisons store!



Easter Fun!

This  week we have learnt about the Easter story and why we have hot cross buns! We have had an Easter craft afternoon, decorated and rolled eggs, made Easter cakes and today we took part in egg and spoon races to finish the week.




Red Nose Day!

Red Nose Day was good fun! We wore red and our silly noses. We also designed and made our own red noses and most importantly we have found out why we raise money for Red Nose Day.

Police Visit

During our Superhero topic, we have been looking at real life heroes.  This week we had a visit from the police.  First they spoke to all the children about the 5 steps to crossing the road safely.  Can your child remember them?

  1. HOLD your grown up’s hand.
  2. STOP at the roadside
  3.  LOOK left and right.
  4.  LISTEN
  5.  WALK across the road looking both ways.

We did hand printing in traffic light colours to remember to hold a grown up’s hand.

P.C. Brad and P.C. Lucas spoke at the Butterflies about being a police officer.  Their job is to keep people safe.  They showed the children all the special equipment they carry on their jackets including a torch, a camera, handcuffs and a truncheon!


We also had a look at the police van outside.  The policemen turned on the blue flashing lights and the really noisy siren!

Then we had a look inside.



The rain didn’t dampen our fun – we had a great afternoon.

Mud Glorious Mud

Some of the children had great fun in the mud!  They were making ‘mud cakes’ and jumping in muddy puddles.


…and the classroom got a little sticky too!





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